An adventure in tea, starting from the heart of Tokyo


    Tea pervades life in Japan, so much so that many have forgotten how special it is.
    That’s why we want to share with the world the wonder of tea—the rich taste sensations
    and dynamic power that come from the original energy drink.

    From our tea shop in Shibuya, the creative capital of Japan, we’ll take you on an exciting adventure in tea.










    A gift from bold adventurers

    An amazing plant reached the shores of Japan in the 8th century, thanks to Japanese emissaries who braved the perilous journey to Tang China—a land that was the world’s premiere hub of culture and creativity, a nexus of inspired minds, sophisticated lifestyles, and riches. And, they again crossed treacherous waters to bring back knowledge and goods that shaped the evolution of Japan . Among their gifts was the tea plant, the source of what has been the “comfort drink” of Japan for centuries.








  • A cup of energy and inspiration


    Japan’s love affair with tea springs forth from the immense power of this magical beverage. Far more than just a way to warm up on a chilly day, tea balances the mind and body, calms a restless heart, and sharpens the brain and senses. These and other benefits make tea the world’s original energy drink, one that refreshes the spirit and awakens the creative potential of all who partake.











    Gen Gen An: Bringing people together to explore tea


    Some 1,500 years have passed since brave adventurers brought tea to Japan. What was first a rare tonic for the elite has now become an everyday amenity readily available from the nearest vending machine, something almost as omnipresent as water or the air. Our desire is to give everyone a fresh take on the forgotten magic of tea, to offer a novel urban oasis where the wonder of tea can be fully experienced.









  • At Gen Gen An, you can relax over a fresh cup of tea brewed with rare, select leaves sourced directly from a plantation in Japan. And, you can also purchase leaf tea or tea bags to continue your enjoyment at home. We offer a friendly, casual environment where people of all ages and all nationalities can come together to interact and explore the amazing, exciting, and enriching world of tea.











    Tea unlike any other

    Our quest to redefine Japanese tea as an energy drink for the world began with painstaking research. For a year and a half, we worked with specialists to understand the terroir of tea, seeking to identify the right soil, sunlight, technique, and other elements needed to create truly tasty, truly robust tea. The result: Tea unlike any other.

    Be sure to visit Gen Gen An and join us on a new adventure in tea!













    Fine green tea
     - Saemidori  450 yen
     - Asatsuyu  450 yen

    Roasted tea
     - Houjicha (roasted green tea)   400 yen
     - Beni Houjicha (roasted black tea) 450 yen
     - Camomile Houjicha  450 yen
     - Lemongrass Houjicha 450 yen
     - Kamairi Cha (hand roasted)     450 yen
     - Kamairi Genmai Cha (with brown rice) 450 yen


     - Cold brew tea
     - Yuzu green tea
     - Lemongrass green tea
      S: 350 yen
      M: 400 yen
      L: 450 yen
     - Extra black tea
      S: 400 yen
      M: 450 yen
      L: 500 yen

      and more

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    Showa Bldg. (1st floor), 4-9 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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    Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 11 pm
    Friday – Sunday: 11 am – midnight